Summer with Outreachy

It’s almost the end of my internship. Three months seem like a couple of weeks and I remember how I submitted my application like it was yesterday.

I did a lot of things for the first time this summer. I started to work remotely in IT and was successful with tasks and time management. I learned how to use restructured text for documentation and how to run Sphinx docs. I also met wonderful mentors Toni and Robby who supported me all the time and guided through the internship. I also learned to seek help and advice when I wasn’t able to do something myself.

One of the most important things for me was that this internship made me more self-confident. I read many reviews about Outreachy before applying and they highlighted different things: new skills, new connections, a new experience for a CV and so on. I don’t remember anyone writing that the internship made them more confident but it’s exactly what happened to me. I’m not (so) afraid anymore to apply for remote positions because I already have remote experience and skills to perform work successfully. I’m also more confident in my English knowledge because I was writing docs in English not being a native speaker and they didn’t have many mistakes.

This was a great summer and I want to thank my mentors Robby and Tony, LibreHealth community and Outreachy organizers for making it so special. I’d like to continue working on LibreHealth project and helping to improve it: maybe not by writing documentation but by doing other tasks and gaining more skills.

I didn’t regret my choice a moment and I wish all future applicants good luck!

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